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The Chronic Care Collaborative is committed to advocating for the 1 in 4 Coloradans living with a chronic disease. For people living with a chronic condition, choosing the right health insurance plan is essential for staying healthy. They need to know what their health insurance plan covers – before making a purchase – so they can successfully treat and manage their condition without surprise costs to them.

You can help by signing the petition below.

Sign the petition below and join us in demanding more transparency in health care costs

"As a person living with a chronic condition or caring for someone with a chronic condition, before purchasing a health insurance plan, I deserve to know what medications are covered by my plan and how much I will have to pay for the prescription drugs that keep me and my family healthy."
It's time to address the issue of out-of-pockets costs for prescription drugs. Join Coloradans across the state in telling policymakers to stand up for people living with chronic conditions and demand transparency in health care costs now.


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